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& Industry Involvement

REC and our employees are proud to provide our professional services and personal time to a wide variety of non-profit organizations that help to improve our community, the local environment and the continued education of the citizens of San Diego County. REC and our employees are actively involved in:

- East County YMCA
- San Diego River Conservancy
- East County Posse
- The Monarch School
- Garfield High School
- BIA Cares
- Continued Involvement in Local Sports, Education, and Other Endeavors Of Our Communities' Children.

In The Spotlight
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REC is a professional services consulting firm offering a wide variety of land use and construction related consulting services in every municipality, of any project size, and to every level of entitlement throughout Southern California. Click Here To Learn More...


Founded in 1993, the three principals of REC; Bruce Robertson, Robert Furey and Elyssa Robertson, ensure that our clients are represented by the most knowledgeable, experienced and creative staff available. REC maintains a small business atmosphere with all three principals accessible to our clients at every step in their project. To contact any of RECís Principals please call 619-232-9200 or send us an e-mail at info@rec-consultants.com

Bruce Robertson (P.E.) has over 20 years of civil engineering expertise in the San Diego County region. Mr. Robertson Prides himself on accomplishing project designs on lands that are complicated and highly constrained. Mr. Robertson will provide the most economically effective project design that is approvable, with budget and delivered on time.

Robert Furey is the Manager and Principal of the Engineering Division of REC Consultants Inc. Mr. Furey ensures that all projects are completed on time, within budget, and that the needs of our clients are exceeded. Mr. Fureyís 18 years of experiences with site design, map processing entitlement, and project coordination enables him to provide the most creative designs and innovative solutions for every project.

Elyssa Robertson is the Manager and Principal of the Biology Division of REC Consultants Inc. With a Bachelor in Science in ecology from San Diego state University and over 20 years of experience in the Southern California region, Ms. Robertson brings unique qualification to all of RECís projects. Adept at maintaining ht e balance between project goals and environmental laws and regulations, Ms. Robertson maintains cooperative relationships with conservation agencies and local jurisdictions and utilizes her detailed knowledge of regulatory requirements and permit processing.



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