About REC Consultants, Inc.

REC Consultants Is a San Diego based firm founded in 1993, which provides niche technical services to land developers and land owners throughout the Southern California region.  REC Consultants is a professional service Civil Engineering/Land Development Environmental Consulting firm offering a wide variety of land use and construction related consulting services to any project size and to every level of entitlement.  The staff team of experts provides cost effective solutions to often complicated land development issues.

As a multi-disciplined firm, REC Consultants is capable of providing real world solutions to complicated land development issues.  We have a strong track record of completed projects and return clientele.  REC Consultants is proud of our reputation to respond quickly, efficiently and cost effectively to the demand of the ever changing regulatory landscape to ensure our clients can successfully complete their projects.

Specific services that REC Consultants can provide is located under the Services link above.